Sunday, July 1, 2012

Set Building Tip: Bricks

I just finished painting the set for the brick house for our performance of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and wanted to share some tips on making realistic looking bricks.

You'll need:
  • a brick-sized sponge
  • black paint
  • red paint
  • a brush about the thickness of your index finger
  • a paint-mixing stick
  • paint tray
Step One
Pour a generous amount of red paint into the paint tray.

Step Two
Add black paint (about 1/4 the amount of red) and stir the two together
Tip: Don't blend the colors completely. Just spread the back around.

Step Three
Dip the wide end of the sponge into the paint. Scrape any excess paint off on the edge of the paint tray. Use the sponge like a stamp to apply the "bricks" to the surface you wish to paint. Place the sponge prints one next to the other to make rows of "bricks." Dip the sponge back into the paint as needed.
Tip: You can always go over the same spot twice to fill in the holes a bit. Some spots won't get any paint, whereas others may get more red or more black or a mixture of the two.

Step Four
Let dry completely.

Step Five
Dip the brush in the black paint and outline the sponge marks.

Step Six
Once the black paint is dry, your brick set is ready to be used!

The holes in the sponge give the "bricks" a more textured look. The streaky mixture of black and red help complete the look by giving the "bricks" a more 3-dimensional look.

Let us know how your brick creation turns out and if you have any other tips to try. Be on the lookout for pictures of our brick house in action right in this space!

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